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Back Pain
Treatment of back pain, sciatica pain, herniated disc, and other types of lower back pain.

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Back Pain

Back pain can vary from slight or little pain to sudden and sharp pain. If it persists over 3 days, you should consult a physiotherapist to identify the exact underlying causes and to prescribe an effective treatment plan.

Physiotherapy for back pain can help reduce the pain and increase functionality through muscle strengthening exercises, stretching and pain management techniques, especially for lower back pain treatment.

Your physio will give useful advice on how to manage your back pain with regular exercises for immediate relief. These exercises can be done by yourself under the watchful eyes of the online physiotherapist.

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Causes of Back Pain

  • Work-related posture

  • Lifting heavy weights in a wrong (bent over) position

  • Obesity

  • Age-related problems (Eg. Arthritis)

  • Overactivity of back muscle

Symptoms of Back Pain

  • Prolonged back pain for more than 3 days

  • Back pain which worsens with bending

  • Back pain which gets aggravated on sitting

  • Stabbing or shooting pain that radiates to one leg

  • Decreased range of motion and limited ability to stretch your back muscles

  • General Muscle Pain

Back Pain Diagnosis

Your doctor will analyse the following movements to understand your problem:

  • Extent of pain while sitting, standing, walking (daily activities)

  • Spine’s range of motion

  • Leg strength

  • Ability to detect sensations in your legs

If there is some serious issue, your doctor might recommend other tests like:

  • X-ray

  • Bone Scan

  • CT Scan

  • MRI

  • Blood and Urine tests

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain treatment depends on the intensity and the causes of the pain. Following are some of the ways to treat back pain:

  • For temporary Pain relief: Medicines (like painkillers), Hot pack etc.

  • For reducing swelling or inflammation, you can use an ice pack or a cold pack

  • For long term improvement, physiotherapy treatment for back pain is recommended

  • Strengthening of back muscles has proven to be effective for the treatment of most types of back pain

  • Back pain exercises should be done under the guidance of a physiotherapist at a place where the patient is most comfortable

  • Surgery is one possible remedy, but it is not recommended as there is the risk of nerve damage

Myths About Back Pain

  • Prolonged bed rest can cure back pain on its own

  • Lumber belt will help to reduce back pain

  • Some massage therapies and ointments will cure your back pain without you having to strengthen your back muscles

  • Surgery is the only possible way to cure acute back pain

How Does YourPhysio Help?

YourPhysio has a team of physiotherapists with 30+ years of experience in treating patients with back pain problems across India in all major cities. YourPhysio has been providing in clinic physiotherapy care as well as online physiotherapy treatment for the last few decades.

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